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SMP Wedding Photographer | Sussex | Reportage Photography

Welcome to SMP Weddings, the home of reportage wedding photography and photojournalism in Sussex.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I place intimate story telling at the heart of every wedding I shoot - the story, the people, the setting, the detail, the pride, the joy, the laughter, the love.

Wedding photography to me is all about creating a timeless set of images which will take you right back to the moment. The aim is to create images which are informal yet intensely atmospheric, with an intimacy that can only be created through a reportage style.

My photojournalistic approach to wedding photography involves listening and watching what’s happening around me without ever intervening or directing; I operate with discretion, remaining unobtrusive at all times. I photograph the day as it happens, anticipating moments and always looking for an interesting perspective.

Documentary photography is all about clever observations, decisive moments and crafting beautiful stories; I can't think of any other subject that I would rather document. I consider it a huge privilege to be invited into people’s worlds on a life changing day, a day when all the people they love most in the world are all in one place to celebrate two people finding each other.

I believe in marriage, I believe in making a promise to one other person, and that a wedding day can come in any form. Each wedding is unique and every couple is different, and from that stems limitless opportunities for creative storytelling and interesting observations. I genuinely consider myself lucky that I absolutely love what I do.

About Me

Some Kind Words

  • Uli and Mike

    “Thanks so much for photographing our wedding, I’ve got no idea how you do it but they are so beautiful and clever and just fabulous all round - we absolutely LOVE them. We have looked at them together with friends and family so many times already and we’re SO pleased to know that we’ll be able to look at them again and again for many years to come.
    We’ve put some of them up on Facebook and many of our friends have commented on how amazing the photos are. Lots of our friends have currently got one of your pictures up as their profile pics.
    You were just wonderful on the day, we loved having you there, you were just part of it all, including us girls getting ready and you were never anything other than a guest with a very
    important job. I don’t know how you did it, but you seem to have been everywhere all at the same time, and have managed to capture such beautiful moments and so much fun and laughter. The “best men together” moment with the children all doing cartwheels in the background - if I didn’t know better I’d think that some of the pictures must have been staged, there is just such an amazing skill in them with the exact right moment, the detail and the angle all coming together - absolutely magical!!!
    So thank you, thank you, thank you! You’ve captured our special day so beautifully, we couldn’t have wished for anything else”.

    Uli and Mike