Everything you need to know about Sussex based wedding photographer Sophie Mitchell of SMP Weddings.

Everything you need to know about Sussex based wedding photographer Sophie Mitchell of SMP Weddings.

I just think that if couple are opening their lives to me then just perhaps they might like to know a little about me?!!  So here goes.... (First thing to know is that most photographers find it a major cringe to talk about themselves - so apologies up front - honest as always).

I’m one of the lucky ones, I do what I love and that’s photograph weddings. So it’s the question that rarely get asked as it’s not strictly relevant although it kind of is indirectly, who are you?!?  The answer in my case is that I’m probably not that different to you...  I’ve always been a lover of all things visual, be it photographs, films, TV (I have an insatiable appetite for Box Sets - Seinfield and Break Bad are prob up there with the best), travel (I was a tv travel producer in a former life).  I’m a complete interiors nut and plough through Living ETC mag every month, looking for quirky finds and cool furniture, I definitely urr towards the mid-century and industrial style.  My dad is an architect and he’s definitely passed on the gift to compose, to visualize and to appreciate the beauty in every day things.  My sense of humour and my passion for story telling comes from my mum, who is constantly observing and seeking out interesting interactions.  My ambition to do everything with huge amounts of enthusiasm probably comes from being the youngest of three girls and the competitive edge that gives.  I have a trainer fetish, I’ve no idea where it comes from, but I have at least 10 box fresh pairs, and an additional 50 worn pairs, Nike is the brand of choice, although I will always have some Vans slipons on the go.

So these days I spend my life away from photography with my family; my beautiful husband Ol, who also takes a mean picture, and my two charismatic sausages, Herbie (5 Yrs old) and Arlo (3 yrs old).  We moved out of South London at the end of last year and have landed in Cuckfield, near Haywards Heath, West Sussex.  It’s one of those places where you feel like you’ve lived forever and you know that it’s the only place you ever want to live, it’s our perfect fit.

So that’s me; I love to cook, to travel, to make memories with my boys, to kick back with my besties and a bottle of Sauvignon, to spend hours looking for the perfect trainer, to laugh (A LOT), to be silly with my kids, to date my husband every Thurs night, to play ping pong, to get together with the girls for poker nights... to enjoy my family and friends, enjoying every second.... oh and the only radio station I listen to is 6 Music, unless I’m in the car in which case I indulge my guilty pleasure, Smooth FM (ahem).

So that’s me, in a nutshell; happy go lucky, fun loving and passionate about life and photographing it!


Some Kind Words

  • Emma and Danny

    Emma and Danny

    “Just to say we LOVE the photos. In my mum’s words, they are 'outstanding'! Neither Danny or I are known for being particularly comfortable in front of the camera but there are so many lovely shots here. I can't stop looking at them! Thanks so much again for everything. My sister is also over the moon at the gorgeous photos of her kids and there's a particularly beautiful one of my Nana that I will treasure forever. THANK YOU.”