Gorgeous Guest Book Ideas

Gorgeous Guest Book Ideas

Here at SMP Weddings HQ we’ve been admiring some of our couples unique and contemporary take on the traditional guest book. Back in the day all your wedding attendees would write their good wishes in a chunky album which was usually then consigned to the back of the wardrobe never to see the light of day again. Modern couples however are finding unique and original ways to use those heartfelt messages as glorious craft creations and artwork to be displayed and enjoyed every day.

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We’ve fallen in love with a couple of our recent brides’ spin on traditional guest books. Jude & Dave had a beautiful illustration of a whale being lifted from the ocean by balloons to which each guest could add their fingerprint ‘balloon’, all the more personal since the drawing was made by a friend while Kate & Mat’s wedding guests added their prints as autumnal leaves and tiny birds nestling on the branches of a tree, both gorgeous personal ideas.  Claire & Oli created a peg board for each guest to add their photograph, a perfect way to keep pics of all your loved ones on display long after the big day.

smpweddings guestbook wedding photography reportage sussex   smpweddings guestbook wedding photography reportage sussex


Nosing around the internet has given us even more inspiration and I particularly love the idea of each guest writing a message on a fabric square to be made into a wedding quilt, what an amazing heirloom that would become. Wooden games are also a fabulous keepsake, get your guests to write their best wishes on Jenga blocks and play it every year on your anniversary or create a jigsaw puzzle of messages.

smpweddings guestbook wedding photography reportage sussex   wedding reportage photojournalist sussex smpweddings  

This beautiful dropbox for wooden hearts is a beautiful way to create some wall art from your guest’s wishes or simply ask everyone to sign a heart in this laser cut artwork. For these and lots more ideas visit our Pinterest board (SMP Weddings Guestbook Pinterest


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Kate is the studio manager at SMP Weddings, the home of reportage wedding photography and photojournalism in Sussex creating highly atmospheric images which burst with personality and emotion. 

Some Kind Words

  • Neena (Davina’s sister)

    Neena (Davina’s sister)

    “Sophie... Mate you are a genius!! All I can say is WOW!! They are amazing! I can't say thanks enough for these truly stunning pictures. You have captured all the emotion of a beautiful day. Thank you, thank you, thank you from all of us”