“I’m a photographer, do I take my camera to my goddaughter’s christening??!!”

Big fat YES obviously but it does bring up an interesting conundrum common to photojournalists… 

So when you’re a photographer there are times in your life when you can’t even walk down the street without seeing images, seriously!!  This way of viewing the world opens up so many interesting opportunities and you develop an acute sense of which moments are precious.  This can be a blessing, you see things in depth, you appreciate beautiful light, interesting juxtapositions, but it can also be a bind.  When you are behind the lens you aren't engaging in the same way as others, those in front of your lens, you’re on the outside… so getting the balance of being in the moment, yet still being acutely observant, can be a challenge.

So when my gorgeous Goddaughter Rose had her christening I took my camera along and for the first time ever I managed to not get consumed by taking photographs and to fully enjoy myself.  Ok so coverage is not any where near as thorough as it would have been had I been there is a professional capacity but there are some beautiful images and they do their job perfectly well at capturing a very special day.

So that’s it folks…. Here are a few stand out images, enjoy!



“I’m a photographer, do I take my camera to my goddaughter’s christening??!!”

Some Kind Words

  • Sophia and Dan

    “We love them!! It was so fun looking through them, you totally captured the day and certainly all the emotion and hilarity!. It’s like living it again!”

    Sophia and Dan