Saskia & Gerry's Wedding

Having recently moved to Sussex heading back onto the achingly cool streets of Stoke Newington hurt a bit, ha!  We lived in Brixton for 15 years and it was streets like these, vibes like these and people like this that our sleepy Sussex village sadly lacks.  

So the wedding was small and intimate, the coverage was short and sweet... it was simply beautiful, from the impressive Stoke Newington Town Hall to the stroll down Stokie High St, followed by the warm buzz of Homa.  It was a glam, laid back affair where sophistication and love happily danced together, quite effortlessly.

Usually I don’t use stop-motion for my weddings, but somehow amongst the quirky flavours of the day, it felt right, there’s just a hint, yet it helps the images wind their merry way through the afternoon, and make them that little bit more atmospheric for the viewer.


Some Kind Words

  • Sarah and Mark

    “I've got so much work to do, but I've not been able to resist going through these! Love them and loving my manic bride grin!They're so brilliant - I remember everyone laughing a lot and the photos really capture that – so many happy memories! You also made the process of having my photo taken completely painless, which is a real achievement in itself!, Thanks you SO much, we LOVE them”.

    Sarah and Mark