No idea how to get your camera out of auto?

ISO, aperture, shutter speeds, white balance, exposure compensation…. headache?? I offer photography tuition either 1-2-1 or in small groups engineered to tackle any areas of photography that you are interested in, the sessions are tailored exactly to your needs, all based in the beautiful Cuckfield area of Sussex.  Each session will consist of a technical overview of the topic being covered, Q&A then onto putting the new skill into practice, all of which you will be getting constant feedback and support.

Session ideas:

  1. Getting out of auto - this entry level session works through the exposure triangle (the relationship between iso, aperture and shutter speed - please don't be scared I make it all very understandable).  Shooting on fully automatic modes can be really limiting and a massive restriction to your creativity so taking control of aperture and shutter speed is absolutely key to getting the most out of your camera and giving your creativity an outlet. This session is for the novice, and by the end of it you will be out of auto (big claim I know) and feeling a lot more confident that your precious memories will not be missed by out-of-focus blurry images! Will require at least 2 hrs of tuition, perhaps more, dependant on pre-existing understanding.

  2. Getting the most out of AV mode - this session looks specifically at depth of field, and really getting comfortable in AV mode. Topics to also include white balance, exposure compensation, focus points, framing, continuous focusing.  Will require at least 1 hr of tuition, perhaps more, depending on the depth which we go into.

  3. Bringing it all together - this session is for people who are comfortable with the exposure triangle and are comfortable shooting in AV mode.  We will create a series of images in the session documenting a subject of your choosing and learning how to craft a well rounded narrative, focusing on composition, light and timing. Will require at least 1 hr of tuition, perhaps more, depending on the depth which we go into.

  4. Postproduction - images are hugely elevated by running them through lightroom (very affordable and user friendly).  This session will take you through simple workflow processes.  Will require at least 1 hr of tuition, perhaps more, depending on the depth which we go into.

** These are just a few suggestions but the sessions are completely tailored for your needs.  I can cover everything from the basics to subject specific photography, such as: child photography, landscapes, portraiture, food photography, event photography,  night photography, flower photography, off-camera flash, lightroom workflow, photoshop retouching.  Prior to booking I will ask you to fill out a form so that you can get the most out of your camera.

How much?

    One participant (1-2-1):  £25/hr
    Two participants (2-2-1):  £40/hr (£20 pp/hr)
    Three participants (3-2-1): £45/hr (£15 pp/hr)
    Four participants (4-2-1): £50/hr (£12.50 pp/hr)

Where do the sessions take place?

That’s entirely up to you, I can either come to you (within a 5 mile radius of Cuckfield - Sussex) or we can meet up in a cafe in Cuckfield (Tom’s Food is a fav) for the tech learning then head out for a photo walk for the practical element of the session.  I can wirelessly tether your camera to the iPad so I can see what you are shooting and give you instant feed back, from your composition to your settings.

About me?

My name is Sophie Mitchell and I’m a Cuckfield (Sussex) based freelance wedding and family photographer, and have been since 2007.  Prior to this I was a TV producer mostly making travel documentaries.  Teaching people how to get the most out of their camera is hugely rewarding.  I take a very hands on approach, the tuition is very practical, especially once the theory is engrained in the brain, then the creativity and story telling skills come into play.


If you are interested in booking some photography tuition for either yourself or as a gift (I do vouchers) then please contact me on either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07887884997.